As a self paced, virtual fitness challenge, you can never fully spell out every possible parameter. We favor the spirit of wellness and camaraderie over chapters of rules. Stick to the guidelines below, push yourself & reach out to us if you have any questions... our team is here to help.



100K Meter Challenge

We Abide By A Little Something Called The 100KMC Honor Code.

New for 2018:

Spin Bikes & Road Bikes Are Eligible!

Rejoice! Scroll below to read the: Approved Distances Do Not Count The Same section.

PRO TIP: Have fun and don't sweat the conversion

details :)

Rules & Guidelines

On Behalf Of The 100KMC Team, Our Beneficiary & Valued Partners:

Thank You To Our 2018 Challengers!

  • The Official Challenge Time Frame

    All activity has to be carried out and submitted into the system between 12:01 AM CST Nov 23, 2018 to 5:00 PM CST Dec 24, 2018.

  • Only 5 Activity Types Are Allowed

    As listed in the FAQ section.


    1.  Running (If you are walking, then you need to make a serious effort to push it. A fast as possible walking pace would qualify. You have to be exercising with intent, daily steps do not count)

    2. Stationary Rowing (Like these made by Concept 2)

    3. Bikes (Assault, AireDyne and the new Concept 2 Bike Erg are ok... NEW FOR 2018: Road Bikes and Spin Bikes Are Eligible!)

    4. Ski Erg (For anyone who has no idea what this is... check one out)

    5. Swimming

  • Pace / Speed Requirements

    There is no pace/speed requirement. You can go as slow or as fast as you want (with the exception of maximum effort walking).

  • Warm Up Meters

    All meters count, even during warm ups. Make sure your logging device is turned on and capturing the data.

  • Approved Activity Distances Do NOT Count The Same

    To balance out the effort vs. distance across all the approved activities, the following conversion will be applied to any meters you log into the system. The system will convert for you. DO NOT do the conversion yourself.


    Running = 1:1 ratio [1 meter run = 1 meter earned]


    Rowing = 1:1 ratio [1 meter rowed = 1 meter earned]


    Air Bikes / Airdyne / Concept 2 Bike Erg = 2:1 ratio [1 meter air bike = 0.5 meters earned]


    Spin / Peloton Bikes = 4:1 ratio [1 meter ride = .25 meters earned], *IF you intend to win any awards category, you must have the ability to track your distance and convert to meters, including uploading photos in the meter log form*.  An easy link to convert miles to meters can be found HERE. For those of you without access to a spin bike computer & also not trying to win eternal leader-board glory, we 100% trust you to estimate your distance.  This resource HERE can be used to convert a spin bike class effort / duration into a ballpark distance. Just remember, we compete under an honor code and you must log photos of an actual spin bike computer to prove to your peers if you intend to win the challenge.


    Road Bike = Variable scoring based on average speed and distance HERE.


    Ski Erg = 1:1 ratio [1 meter ski erg = 1 meter earned]


    Swim = 1:4 ratio [1 meter swimming = 4 meters earned]


    The savvier of our athletes will typically make use of these ratios and their available time / strengths.

  • Do Not Cheat

    If 100KMC identifies cheating participants, those individuals will be disqualified and all fees will be donated to Carry The Load.

  • Delayed Logging / Sandbagging Is Not Allowed

    We encourage you to log immediately after each workout. The logging deadlines will follow this Central Standard Time (CST) schedule:


    12:01 AM Nov 23rd : Challenge Starts - Logged Meters Are Eligible / Valid


    5:00 PM Nov 25th : All Previous Days Meters Due (Note: as this is 3 days after Thanksgiving and most will still be enjoying the holiday, this is the only Sunday deadline that can be missed. Logging by this deadline is encouraged but not penalized if missed.


    5:00 PM Dec 2nd : All Previous Days Meters Due. Any Not Logged Will Be Lost.


    5:00 PM Dec 9th : All Previous Days Meters Due. Any Not Logged Will Be Lost.


    5:00 PM Dec 16th : All Previous Days Meters Due. Any Not Logged Will Be Lost.


    5:00 PM Dec 24th : All Previous Days Meters Due. Any Not Logged Will Be Lost.


    If you have any issues, contact us at Please reach out to us with ample time to assist, as reaching out to us does not necessarily guarantee any meters in question will be valid after the deadline passes.  Those who log daily tend to discover questions earlier and thus have the advantage of time prior to each deadline.

  • 1st To 100,000 Meters Tie Breaker Policy

    If a tie break is necessary in this specific category, each participant's fastest posted 5,000 meter row will be evaluated by the judges, with the fastest receiving the category award.

  • Awards Will Be Given In Specific Categories

    As listed in the FAQ section.


    Your results will be displayed as an individual and as a team.


    Individual Awards Include:

    - "First To 100,000 Meters - Individual" (a.k.a. The first one to LOG that total gets the prize)

    - "Most Meters - Individual"

    - "Top Male"

    - "Top Female"

    - "Age Group Winner - Male" (19 and Under, Then 5 Year Age Groups to 75+)

    - "Age Group Winner - Female" (19 and Under, Then 5 Year Age Groups to 75+)


    Team Awards Include:

    - "Largest Team" (by registered team members, no meter logging required)

    - "Most Meters - Team"

    - "First Team With 10 Members @ 100,000 Meters" (a.k.a. The first one to LOG that total gets the prize)

    - "Highest Average Meters Per Team Member"

    - "Overall Challenge Champion" (Average of the top 10 members on each team)


    Rules apply & verification is required to win any award. Read the 100KMC rules HERE.


  • Awards Will Be Verified

    - Be prepared to show your work to prove it.

    - Pictures of your GPS watch, rower monitor, FitBit trackers, iPhone tracking app, or any other verifiable image are required for every activity entry. The system will allow you to upload a photo or screenshot during each entry.

    - Make sure the date is displayed and all information is clearly visible

    -You will have to prove it to win any award

  • Overall Challenge Champion Requirements

    This leaderboard ranking is scored by taking the average of the Top 10 team members who have personally crossed 1000,000 meters.


    If a team does not have 10 members at 100,000 or more meters, they will not be included in the overall champion rankings.

  • Are There Any Refunds?

    No, like all other special events, there are no refunds once registered for any reason, including medical conflicts. All proceeds will be donated to Carry The Load on your behalf.

  • Should I Get Doctor's Clearance Before Participating?

    As a general rule, yes. Like any physical activity event, you will assume all liability for your health and well being during the challenge.

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