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Scoring & Awards Questions

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  • What is the baseline goal everyone should be shooting for?

    At a minimum, everyone in the challenge should shoot for 100,000 meters, in any of the 5 approved activities they prefer.

  • Do I stop when I hit 100,000 meters?

    NO! Just because you get to 100,000 before the challenge period is over does not mean it’s over for you. Keep going! See how far you can go. Your team is counting on you. Every meter counts. Many individuals will go far beyond 100,000 meters... in fact some will do it in the first day(s) of the event.

  • What scoring & awards categories are there?

    Your results will be displayed as an individual and as a team.


    Individual Awards Include:

    - "First To 100,000 Meters - Individual"

    - "Most Meters - Individual"

    - "Top Male"

    - "Top Female"

    - "Age Group Winner - Male" (19 and Under, Then 5 Year Age Groups to 75+)

    - "Age Group Winner - Female" (19 and Under, Then 5 Year Age Groups to 75+)


    Team Awards Include:

    - "Largest Team" (by registered team members, no meter logging required)

    - "Most Meters - Team"

    - "First Team With 10 Members @ 100,000 Meters"

    - "Highest Average Meters Logged"

    - "Overall Challenge Champion" (Average of the top 10 members on each team)


    Rules apply & verification is required to win any award. Read the 100KMC rules HERE.


  • What do I do if there is an error in one of my entires or if I am unsure about how to log something?

    In short: don't stop working out! The main point is to keep your activity going, the scoring engine can always be adjusted by the 100KMC Help Desk.


    If you log something incorrectly, visit the Your Scores page inside the Athlete Portal, scroll down to the Your Meter Log table, scroll to the very far right of the table and click delete on any entry you don't want in your Log.


    If you have any scoring questions, please email us at Happy to help!

  • What do award winners receive?

    Award winners in all categories get a printed certificate, recognition across all of the 100KMC media channels, and permanent bragging rights.


    Partner gifts will also be awarded with the best swag going to the top categories.

Fee Questions

  • What does the challenge benefit?

    All net proceeds will be donated to Carry The Load. Please learn more about them HERE.

  • What does it cost to register?

    The Challenge costs less than $1 a day. It's $25 to register. $31 all in if you opt in to cover the transaction and admin fees.  There is also a field to submit a direct donation to Carry The Load.

  • Where does my entry fee go?

    The entry fees will cover event administration, scoring, and promotional costs...Then ALL net proceeds go to Carry The Load.